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The genuine masterpieces of animals’ heads arrived in Shanghai


On 15th November, the opening ceremony of “Poly Property Group Autumn National Treasure Exposition 2015” was hold in Shanghai Phili House, representing the commencement of the 15-day Chinese top-treasure exposition, which all citizens could visit without payment.

This Chinese top-treasure exposition included monkey head, cow head, tiger head, pig head (four genuine heads of Yuan-Ming-Yuan 12 animals’ heads), and 14 Buddhism Statues of South-North Dynasty. The power of culture is always shocking, this cultural historical exposition attracted a huge number of citizens to come for visit.

Poly Property Group brought a magnificent cultural banquet to Shanghai, which attracted tens of thousands of Shanghainese to see the top-treasure exposition. This close appreciation of art made the citizens understand the breadth of Chinese traditional culture and that memorable history.